Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Cindy

This is my first foray into AB/DL caps. I hope you enjoy!

Aaron Wakes up Swapnali

Here's another series I did for someone over at Rachel's Haven. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pink Collar Job (Part 1)

Pink Collar Job (Part 2)

Tami's 3rd Day

Grandkid Factory

Kat Takes Over

Lots o' new stuff

Ok, so today I'm posting 3 new caps, a new series, and, surprise surprise - an ACTUAL BLOG POST. On a BLOG!! I know, I'm as shocked as you.

Anyway, so I was feeling extra femme recently and I knew I needed to start laying off of the credit cards so I decided to do one last girlie shopping spree (for now - no way I can stop buying lingerie forever - too much of a slut.)

So, I bought a dress that looks almost like this one: (Sorry I couldn't find a pic of the exact dress)

These stockings (in baby blue):

AND... these panties:

Anyway, everything is finally here and I love my new outfit!!!

I will try to take pics soon and get them up here for you. Assuming any of you are actually out there. Hmmm, you know, if you comment I might know that you're there and interested in seeing the pics and that may make me get them up here faster. Just sayin'...

In fact, I'll make you a deal: for every 3 comments I get I'll post a new pic of a different outfit. How's that sound? (I'm honestly not just a comment whore, but I have no clue how many of you are out there actually checking in on this blog. I'll be better about posting if I know you really want to hear from me more often!)

Ok, so, have a good day & stuff!

Slutty Chrissy